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  •   Party: Bhartiya Janta Party
  •   Constituency: Varanasi
  •   State: UTTAR PRADESH
  •   Born: 17th September ,1950
    2014 15th Prime Minister Of India
    2012 Modi was elected again as the Chief Minister of Gujarat
    2002 Modi was elected again as the Chief Minister of Gujarat
    2001 Became the Chief Minister of Gujarat
    1998 Became General Secretary of BJP
    1997 Entered mainstream politic's
    1995 Became the National Secretary of BJP
    1950 Born at Vadnagar, Gujarat
    Narendra Modi
    #Narendra Modi
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    • Bhartiya Janta Party
    • Samajwadi Party
    Birth Date
    • 17th September ,1950
    • 2nd August ,1956
    # Ramkishun
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