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What is We Lead India?
We Lead India is an effort to connect Indian Youth with emerging Political Leaders of India through Social Media interactions. The purpose is very simple: Know Your Leaders' positives (KYL+) , Hear and Get heard by politicians, Vote for strong leadership and be a responsible Citizen of India. Proud to be an Indian!!!

  • What are We Lead India Credits?

  • Credits are activity points that you earn whenever you perform some activity on These accumulated credits can later be redeemed for Amazing Gifts, Discounts & Services that will be made available to our Top 5 Users every month. This month we are giving away We Lead India T-Shirts to our top users.

  • How can I earn these credits?

  • Just sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account and start Posting Updates, Vote, Share, Re-Tweet & Follow your Favorite Leaders' messages. For each of these activities you will get fixed credits in your account. To know more, check our points table below:

    Know Your Leader (KYL) and Earn Credits for various activities on We Lead India.

    Profile Image Post

    Have you got some image to share? or Clicked your leader recently? Just post an image earn 50 credits right away.

    50 PTs

    Text Posts

    Write something on your supported political leader's profile, share thoughts, views, quotes or news and get 30 credits.

    30 PTs

    Vote Up/Down

    Do you like or dislike some qualities of any leader? Just vote up or down, answer few questions and get 20 points right away.

    20 PTs

    Follow Leaders

    Just follow your favorite leaders and receive live updates and news from We Lead India, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube daily.

    10 PTs


    Get involved in meaningful discussions. Post comments and discuss News with other members. Reply to updates from Politicians.

    10 PTs

    Like a Comment

    Appreciating awesome comments posted by community members and like minded people will earn you 10 credits.

    10 PTs

    Raise Voice

    Do you have a message for your leader? Do you have some concerns to share with him? Raise Your Voice and Get heard.

    10 PTs

    Like Posts

    Do you agree with some posts made by other users? Then just "Like" it and earn 10 more points in your account.

    10 PTs